Department of Social Development

Accelerating social development is one of the important tasks in adhering to the concept of shared development, striving to ensure and improve people’s livelihood, enhance people’s well-being, and promote social fairness and justice. Social development work is not only the fundamental requirement of continuously satisfying people’s expectation for a better life, comprehensively improving the sharing of public services, and the formation of a strong domestic market; it is also the fundamental guarantee to support the sustainable and healthy economic development, and to foster mutual promotion and development between the economy and society. The development of social undertakings is not only an important duty of governments at all levels, but also calls for the concerted support of all sectors of society and the people.

The Department of Social Development is a functional department of the NDRC. Its main responsibilities are: to study the trends in the development of social undertakings, make comprehensive social development strategies, organize, formulate and coordinate social development plans and annual plans; study and formulate population development strategies, plans and population policies; study major issues such as human resource development, healthcare, quality of life, social services, etc.; coordinate the development policies of the undertakings and industries in the fields of culture, education, health, sports, press, publication, radio, film and television, tourism, politics and law, and civil affairs; coordinate and promote the building of fundamental public service system; coordinate major issues in the development and reform of social undertakings.

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Put forward comprehensive strategies, plans and policies for social development, and organize their implementations. Coordinate the development policies and reform issues of social undertakings and industries. Coordinate and promote the building of fundamental public service system. Formulate the strategies, plans and policies for population development and addressing the aging population problem.