Department of National Economy

The Department of National Economy is responsible for analyzing and studying domestic and foreign economic development, conducting macroeconomic forecasts and early warnings, and putting forward countermeasures and recommendations for maintaining national economic security; organizing, studying and proposing annual national economic and social development plans; putting forward macro-control objectives to promote economic growth, increase employment, stabilize prices, maintain the balance of international payments etc., and comprehensively coordinating macroeconomic policies; drawing up and coordinating national reserve plans for important supplies, and proposing overall goals, major tasks and policy recommendations for building a modern economic system and promoting high-quality development.

China’s economy has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to a phase of high-quality growth. It is in a critical period of transforming development mode, optimizing economic structure, and shifting growth momentum. The rules of national economic operation and macro-control mechanisms are also undergoing changes, which calls for higher requirements in accurately judging the economic situation, innovating and improving macro-control. We hope you can learn more about the economic operations in China and the world from our website. Your insight on the economic situation and control policies are also welcomed.

Organize, draft and implement annual plans for national economic and social development. Monitor, analyze, forecast, and give earning warnings for macroeconomic situation. Study the balance between aggregate supply and demand, put forward macro-control objectives, policy trend, and recommendations of control measures, conduct pre-research and pre-evaluation of major policies. Make policy recommendations for building a modern economic system and promoting high-quality development. Make policy recommendations for the gross balance of key commodities. Draw up the catalogue of varieties of national material reserve and master development plans.