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The special annual meeting 2021 of The World

Economic Forum (WEF) will be held in Singapore in May

  The special annual meeting 2021 of The World Economic Forum (WEF) will be held in Singapore from 25 to 28 May, then the World Economic Forum annual meeting will return to Davos, Switzerland in 2022.

  The special annual meeting 2021 in Singapore will be the first gathering of global leaders to discuss how the world can recover from the epidemic since the outbreak of COVID-19. Participants will focus on how to address the world's most urgent challenges, and the details of the annual meeting will be released in succession.

  Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF, suggested, "This summit of global leaders is of great significance for exploring ways of international cooperation and promoting social and economic recovery. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, this is the first face-to-face meeting between global leaders from business, politics and social organizations. At present, we need more public-private partnerships than ever to rebuild trust and address the social fault lines that started from 2020."

  The change of venue suggested the great importance the Forum attaches to the health and safety of the participants. In view of the current COVID-19 situation, the Forum has carefully considered and finally decided to choose Singapore as the best place to host annual meeting 2021.

  From 25 to 29 January, 2021, the Forum will hold a usual Davos Agenda Week online to rebuild trust, develop the principles and policies needed for 2021, and build the necessary partnerships. Participants include several heads of state and government, chief executives of enterprise, social organization leaders, global media representatives and youth leaders who came from Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and North America. They will mainly discuss the issue of "improve future employment", "speed up the practice of

  stakeholder concept" and "make use of the fourth industrial revolution".

  Prior to this special annual meeting in 2021, a Global Technology Management Summit will be held in Tokyo, Japan from 6 to 7 April 2021. This summit will bring together global stakeholders from politics, business and social organizations on the topic of promoting public-private cooperation to ensure the responsible design and deployment of emerging technologies.