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China Signs Implementation Plan on Jointly Building the BRI with


  On December 23, 2020, under the witness of Liu He and Olga Stefanishina, chairs of the fourth meeting of the China-Ukraine Inter-government Cooperation Committee, Lin Nianxiu, Vice Chairman of NDRC of China, and Taras Andriyovych Kachka, Ukrainian Deputy Minister for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture, on behalf of the governments of both sides, respectively signed the Implementation Plan on Jointly Building the Belt and Road Initiative.

  The Plan consists of 5 parts including Cooperation Background, Principles, Priorities, Safeguarding Mechanisms, as well as miscellaneous. As guidelines for concrete cooperation between both sides, the Plan involves trade, infrastructure, industrial investment, agriculture, energy, finance, science and technology, culture,  health and other cooperation priorities.

  Up to now, China has signed 203 BRI cooperation documents with 138 countries and 31 international organizations.