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Digital Silk Road Promotes Rapid Development of

E-commerce in Africa

  In the face of the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, China has strengthened cooperation with African countries in the field of digital economy, helped Africa build its e-commerce ecosystem, actively developed digital economy to response to the pandemic, and jointly promoted the development of the Digital Silk Road.

  Rwanda is the first African country to participate in the Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP), a digital infrastructure for e-commerce transactions provided by Alibaba Group for global SMEs. At the end of 2019, Ethiopia chose to join eWTP, with a view to developing digital economy and promoting economic prosperity through further development of electronic trade infrastructure. Data released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in August this year showed that since the outbreak of COVID-19, some e-commerce platforms in Africa have achieved triple-digit growth in business volume. More and more African products such as Ethiopian coffee, Malian butter, Cameroonian white pepper, Comorian vanilla, Madagascan saffron and Senegalese peanuts, have entered Chinese market through cross-border e-commerce.