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Advocate Green Development Concept

and Jointly Build Green Silk Road

  On September 23rd, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Beijing via videolink. Xi Jinping stressed, development must be sustainable, which requires the relationship between people and nature to be properly handled. China not only strengthens its own ecological civilization but also actively assumes international responsibility for climate change. China strives to take good care of the Earth, the common home of mankind, and actively works with other countries to jointly build a Silk Road of Green Development.

  China has actively advocated and vigorously promoted the concept of green development, and played a great leading and exemplary role. China had achieved full power supply coverage by 2013, with about 60% of its power generated from clean energy and new technologies. After China joined the Paris Agreement in 2016, it strictly fulfilled its emission reduction obligations under the agreement. In 2019, China’s investment in renewable energy accounted for 23% of the total global investment. China is becoming the world’s largest investor in renewable energy.