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CCUD and Chengdu Development and Reform Commission held

online training program on international cooperation

  On September 21-23, 2020, China Center for Urban Development (CCUD) and Chengdu Development and Reform Commission jointly organized an online training program on international cooperation as part of the training series of the Belt and Road Sustainable Cities Alliance. Focusing on international cooperation in the context of profound changes unseen in a century, the program presented in-depth insights on the current international situation, in a bid to help participants improve international cooperation and urban governance capability.

  Lecturers engaged in the program include Li Bin, Counsel of International Cooperation Department of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Guo Xuejun, Deputy Director General of Department of International Economic Affairs of Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ye Fujing, Director of Institute of International Economic Research of NDRC, Zhang Yuyan, Member of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Yang Yu, Vice President of China Reform Daily. Among them were also experts from World Health Organization, the UN-Habitat, World Resources Institute, U.S.-China Green Fund, Urban Studies, Energy of China.

  The three-day online program provides twelve lectures, including “An Overview of China’s Cooperation with Major International Organizations”, “Opportunities and Challenges for Belt and Road Cooperation”, “International Prospects in a Post-Covid-19 Era”, “Towards a New Open Economic System at a Higher Level”, “Joint Contribution, Joint Governance and Shared Benefits: Driving the Modernization of Urban Governance System and Governance Capacity”, “Impact of COVID-19 on Global Industrial Chain”, etc.

  More than 80 participants from over 10 city authorities and 21 district/county governments of Chengduattended the program.