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Making Progress in both Pandemic Prevention and Project Construction in Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway国际司 2020/08/04

  Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway("the Project") is an iconic project jointly build by China and Indonesia under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. Since the beginning of 2020, the construction companies have managed to overcome adverse effects of COVID-19 to ensure the Project construction.

  Thanks to thorough pandemic prevention measures,strict project management, well-planned schedule,and proper allocation of resources, the Project construction has made steady progress to date. The construction of subgrade, bridges, tunnels, stations and etc.,are implemented smoothly.

  In the future, China and Indonesia construction partners will continue to work together to conquer difficulties and challenges, speed up the Project construction safe and sound, to ensure that the Project will commence operation as early as possible, so as to bring benefits to the development of local economy and society.