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NDRC Approves the Foreign Capital Utilization Plan for the EIB Loan

to IMAR Tongliao Sand Dunes Shelterbelt Forests Project

  In order to promote the construction of ecological safety barrier system of Inner Mongolia, the National Development and Reform Commission has recently approved the foreign capital utilization plan for the European Investment Bank (EIB) Loan to IMAR Tongliao Sand Dunes Shelterbelt Forests Project. The total investment amount of this project is nearly 5 billion RMB yuan, of which €300 million is expected to be borrowed from EIB. The funds will be used for the comprehensive treatment of sand dunes, such as the forests with mixed native tree species, ecological and economic forests, supporting base of seedlings and capacity building in 8 banners/counties/districts including Horqin District, Kailu County of Tongliao City.

(Department of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment)