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Experts from Chinese and British think tanks join together

to discuss future collaboration between the two countries

  Recently, experts from the China Center for International Economic Exchanges and the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies met online to exchange ideas on the economic impact of COVID-19 on China and the UK, further promoting international think-tank cooperation to combat the epidemic.

  During the online seminar, experts from both sides introduced their research findings on the situation of the COVID-19 in China and the UK and its impact on both economies, putting forward suggestions on strengthening cooperation between China and the UK. According to the Chinese experts, China has established a regular mechanism in its COVID-19 response, and enterprises have resumed work and production in an orderly manner nationwide. At the moment, improvement of people's livelihood is the top priority for the Chinese government. According to the British experts, the UK is now going through a stage that China has experienced before; the country begins to resume work and production, but people still need to maintain social distance. The British economy still faces uncertainty in the second half of the year.

  Experts at the seminar generally agreed that countries should not only focus on overcoming the crisis in the short term, but also pay attention to long-term planning, striving to build mutual trust and enhance cooperation. The Chinese experts believed that China and the UK could collaborate in many areas, such as public health, investment, economy and trade to jointly keep the industrial and supply chains stable, upgrade the value chain, and uphold multilateralism and international trade order. The British experts said that China and the UK are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council with strong global influence, so the two countries should strengthen cooperation in combating the crisis and preparing for possible future crises.