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Promote Development of China-ASEAN

Digital Silk Road

  In the face of the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, China and ASEAN countries have come together in solidarity, enhanced cooperation in the digital field, drawn on complementary strengths, jointly combated the virus, and promoted the high-quality development of the Digital Silk Road.

  On June 12, the opening ceremony of the 2020 China-ASEAN Year of Digital Economic Cooperation was held via online video, with a view to further strengthening cooperation in digital economy, including sharing digital pandemic prevention policies, measures, practices and solutions, enhancing cooperation in 5G, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other fields, supporting entrepreneurship and innovation and industrial digital transformation, accelerating smart cities development, deepening cyberspace governance, and promoting practical cooperation in cyber security. The pandemic has shifted the life and work mode of peoples in China and ASEAN countries from offline to online, and promoted the emergence of new models of “stay-at-home economy” and “zero-contact economy” such as online education, Internet medical care, cloud entertainment and cloud conferences. Alibaba’s Southeast Asian e-commerce platform, together with logistics companies, has leveraged their strong logistics and transportation system to transport anti-pandemic supplies to ASEAN countries. Huawei 5G remote CT scan-assisted diagnosis technology has been applied in some hospitals in Thailand, significantly improving the speed and accuracy of online diagnosis. Temperature scanning robots, mask distributors and self-service consumer machines have been deployed in some malls in Thailand, minimizing person-to-person contact during the pandemic.