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NDRC Approves the Foreign Capital Utilization Plan for the Shandong

Green Development Fund Project (Phase Two) to Utilize KFW and AFD Loans


  To support Shandong Province in cultivating new drivers of green development and innovating the use of foreign loans, the National Development and Reform Commission has recently approved the foreign capital utilization plan for the Shandong Green Development Fund Project (phase two) to utilize loans from KFW and AFD. The fund project (phase one) has already borrowed $100 million from ADB. In phase two, its capital size will be 3.3 billion RMB, of which €100 million is expected to be borrowed from KFW and €70 million from AFD. The main investment area is Shandong Province and the funds will be invested into energy efficiency, emission reduction, environmental protection and treatment, clean energy, circular economy, green manufacturing and other priority sectors through direct investment and establishing sub-funds.

(Department of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment)