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NDRC Approves the Foreign Capital Utilization Plan for the AIIB Loan

to China Public Health Infrastructure Project

for fighting against COVID-19

  In order to support the public health infrastructure development and capacity building in Beijing and Chongqing, the National Development and Reform Commission has recently approved foreign capital utilization plan for the AIIB Loan to China Public Health Infrastructure Project. It is expected that this project will borrow 2.485 billion RMB yuan from AIIB. To help contain the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, the funds will be used for the procurement of emergency supplies and equipment, the upgrading of hospitals, the capacity building of CDC and hospitals in dealing with epidemic emergencies. The AIIB Emergency Assistance Loan features flexible utilization, reimbursement for emergency expenses, and contributes to the alleviation of fund-raising pressure caused by the pandemic, as well as helps complement local government’s fiscal deficiency.

(Department of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment)