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Jointly Combat COVID-19 and Build

China-LAC Community with a Shared Future

  As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads rapidly in Latin America, China upholds the concept of a human community with a shared future, and promotes the joint development of the Health Silk Road. By actively sharing anti-contagion experiences and diagnosis and treatment methods, and providing pandemic prevention supplies, China supports Latin American countries in fighting against the virus, safeguards people’s lives and health, and builds the China-LAC community with a shared future through practical actions.

  Latin American countries are under huge pressure to recover their economies while preventing and controlling the pandemic. According to the World Health Organization statistics, as of June 5th, 10 countries in Latin America have exceeded 10,000 cumulative confirmed cases for COVID-19, including Brazil, Peru and Chile, making the pandemic prevention and control in Latin America a severe situation. Some analysts said that the weak medical and health system as well as the pandemic in Latin America had severely struck its already sluggish economy in recent years, increasing the number of poor people and exacerbating social problems. In the face of heavy economic pressure, some Latin American countries have to gradually resume work before the pandemic is fully contained.

  China actively supports Latin American countries in combating the pandemic. China and Latin American countries held online video conferences where Chinese experts in the fields of disease control, customs, civil aviation, and community, shared anti-pandemic information and experience with government officials and health experts in Latin American countries. China has successively dispatched medical expert groups to Venezuela and Peru, and donated testing reagents, protective supplies, and medicines to further assist in upgrading local capacity for pandemic prevention, testing, treatment and management of rehabilitated patients, and to further develop cooperation in pandemic prevention and control.