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Belt and Road Initiative

Brightens World Economy

  The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic has triggered unprecedented impacts on all countries across the globe. China has actively conducted anti-contagion cooperation and economic and trade exchanges, with participating countries for the Belt and Road Initiative, injecting strength into the worldwide battle against the virus and enhancing confidence in the global economy.

  Since the pandemic outbreak, China and BRI participating countries have been helping each other by donating epidemic prevention supplies and living goods. China has sent medical expert teams to dozens of BRI participating countries, such as Iran, Iraq, Serbia, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Laos, to assist in the local anti-pandemic combats. China has repeatedly organized domestic medical experts to exchange experience in the pandemic prevention and control with local health care personnel through video conferences.

  Serving as an important logistics line linking the trade among BRI participating countries, China-European Railway Express trains play the role of a strategic channel, undertake cargo sources transferred from the air and sea freight, and prioritize on the transport of anti-contagion goods for international cooperation, achieving an against-the-trend growth from January to April this year. During the pandemic, China and BRI countries strive to ensure stability, smoothness, confidence and quality in the project development, and keep a great balance between epidemic prevention and project construction. Pakistan’s Daily Times recently published an editorial saying that the construction of the second phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor continues to advance, with 40,000 Pakistani workers and 7,000 Chinese workers fulfilling their duties and pushing forward all the projects in a well-ordered manner.