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NDRC promotes interaction with business on revision

of the guideline catalogue of industries

for foreign investment

  To better understand the major investment concerns facing enterprises, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) held a webinar on revision of Catalogue of Industries for Encouraging Foreign Investment on April 15th, in cooperation with the World Economic Forum. Officials from the NDRC interacted live with representatives from approximately 200 enterprises from home and abroad.

  The NDRC officials first introduced the background of the development and revision of the Catalogue, and then answered questions concerning industries like child care, senior care, medicine, landscape architecture and information and communication. Participants believe the webinar provides a great platform for better mutual understanding between government and business.

  In March 2020 the NDRC and the Ministry of Commerce launched revision plans for the catalogue of industries that encourage foreign investment, a move to reduce foreign investment restrictions and further open up the market. “China will stick to globalization and further improve its business environment to provide opportunities for foreign capital,” said a NDRC official on the webinar.