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Utilizing Support and Unleashing Potential to

Promote Digital Silk Road Development

  In face of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, China has strengthened the joint anti-contagion cooperation with participating countries and international organizations for the Belt and Road Initiative. Digital technologies, such as big data, blockchain, AI and 5G, play a supporting role in enhancing the pandemic joint prevention and control and optimizing the public health system, release greater potential in tapping new sources of economic growth and improving social welfare, and promote the high-quality development of the Digital Silk Road.

  Contribute to the worldwide pandemic prevention and control. Big data matches travel information, accurately targets groups with potential risks, and efficiently takes response measures. 28 countries have so far launched apps to track close contacts of the virus. Blockchain technology ignites a new engine of zero-meeting government service to reduce the risk of personnel cross-infection while ensure the security and reliability of key information. AI assist systems enable frontline doctors to get a quick and accurate access to CT images of the COVID-19, and improve their screening and diagnostic capabilities. Through 5G teleconsultation systems, domestic and international medical personnel and medical experts communicate remotely by video, improving case diagnosis and treatment.

  Promote the emergence of new business types and models. Based on digital infrastructure, China is building smart cities, smart medical care, smart transportation and other intelligent service systems, which empower the fields of medical care, education, transportation, catering, entertainment,etc., promote new business types and models, enhance the level of consumer services and improve people’s well-being. In the first quarter of this year, the value added services of information transmission, software and information technology expanded by 13.2 percent year-on-year, achieving a rapid growth against the trend.