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Promote Public Health Cooperation

to Build Health Silk Road

  The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, together with its sustained spread across the globe, has triggered an international public health shock. China has actively promoted cooperation in the international public health, and worked together with every other country to battle against the virus and tide over the difficulties. The worldwide anti-contagion cooperation has demonstrated China’s responsibility as a major country and composed a new chapter of jointly building the Health Silk Road for the global community of shared future for mankind.

  China has been emphasizing the importance of and making active efforts in the international anti-pandemic cooperation since the COVID-19 outbreak. China announced the pandemic information at the first moment, and shared the virus gene sequence once tested, creating favorable conditions for every country to timely discover the virus and combat the pandemic. China has unreservedly shared its experience in the pandemic prevention and control as well as diagnosis and treatment, established the online COVID-19 knowledge center, and released 7 versions of diagnosis and treatment protocol and 6 versions of prevention and control protocol. As of April 12th, Chinese government, enterprises and organizations have been donating to over 140 countries and international organizations multiple batches of medical emergency supplies. Meanwhile, China has actively brought into full play its productivity advantage and opened its medical market and export channel. Up to date, over 60 countries and regions as well as international organizations have signed the commercial agreements on purchasing the pandemic prevention supplies with Chinese exporters.