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China’s Strong Support for Africa’s
Anti-Pandemic Battle and Economic
  As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads rapidly across the globe, Africa is experiencing significant economic development shock. Up to present, African countries have taken active measures and appealed for more support from the international community to combat the pandemic.
  So far, China has provided 26 African countries with emergency aid including medical supplies and technology assistance. An on-line video conference, attended by Chinese experts and representatives from Africa CDC and over 20 African countries, has been convened for experience sharing and policy response consultation. Chinese medical aid teams in Africa have stood fast their posts and assisted the local institutions in the pandemic control. Chinese Enterprises have donated to African countries face masks, protective gowns and respirators, and test kits.
  As Africa’s largest trading partner, China’s economic and trade exchanges with Africa is of great significance to Africa’s economic development. An analysis by Baker & McKenzie, a law firm, argued that China has long been an important partner in Africa’s infrastructure development and that jointly promoting the Belt and Road Initiative is sustainable. A faster recovery of production and livelihood in China will increase demand for Africa’s energy, minerals and other raw materials. The article also quoted that China is sharing its experience in fighting the virus with participating countries for the Belt and Road Initiative, making it a priority to help low-income countries strengthen their public health systems.
  Sharif, a professor of political science and international relations at the University of Abuja, Nigeria, said in a published article on the Blueprint, Nigerian mainstream media, that with the pandemic in China effectively controlled, China’s work and living order will be restored at a faster pace, and China’s progress will inject impetus into the global development, including that of Africa, and contribute to the early recovery of the world economy from the impact of the pandemic.