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Co-build Anti-Pandemic Frontline 
to Joinlty Promote Health Silk Road
  The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has currently turned into a battle of all mankind against the virus, as every single nation constitutes a global community of shared future. Recently, President Xi Jinping, during the phone talk with Conte, Prime Minister of Italy, said, “China stands ready to work with Italy to make contributions to international pandemic cooperation and the building of the Health Silk Road.”
  Upholding openness, transparency, and responsibility, China has attached great importance to international health cooperation in the first place, and worked closely with WHO and relevant countries, notifying all parties concerned of the pandemic information, publishing multiple versions of COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment as well as prevention and control plans. At the critical period in battling the pandemic, China obtained precious support from all parties concerned. In the same way, when some other countries were heavily challenged by the pandemic, China contributed to the global joint prevention and control with China’s strength and experience. Up to date, China has sent multitudes of medical professional teams to Italy, Serbia, Cambodia and other countries, and provided emergency aid to 83 nations and WHO as well as the African Union, including such medical supplies as test kits, face masks, and protective gowns. While meeting the domestic demand, China has endeavored to facilitate the commercial procurement of medical supplies for every country, providing strong support to international cooperation in combating the pandemic.
  Only through unity and cooperation can we win the battle against the coronavirus. China stands ready to work with global partners to jointly build the Health Silk Road, and save lives from the pandemic.