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Fighting against Pandemic with Concentration on
Production, BRI Projects Progress Smoothly in
Related Countries
  Facing the severe challenges of COVID-19, China and the participating countries for the Belt and Road Initiative have made joint effects to actively promote production and construction while preventing and containing the pandemic, which has contributed to the local economic and social development and received high appraisal from all parties concerned.
  The Pakistan Sahiwal Power Plant has covered over one quarter of power shortage in Pakistan since its operation in 2017. From January 1st to March 8th, the power plant generated 1.596 billion kWh to guarantee the power demand of more than 20 million local residents. “Chinese enterprises overcome the negative impacts of the pandemic and ensure the normal operation of the power plant, which enhances our confidence in fighting against the pandemic and realizing the economic development.” said Hassan, employee of the power plant.
  On March 12th, the breakthrough ceremony of Channel 5 was successfully held in Bandung, marking another important advanced progress in the development of Indonesia Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway. Chandra, President of PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China, said, “Chinese constructors resisted the pressure brought by the pandemic. Great management capabilities and construction skills were demonstrated in promoting the smooth progress of project development while preventing and containing the pandemic.”
  The Hisense South Africa Industrial Park was established with investment from Hisense and China-Africa Development Fund. All the work in the industrial park has stayed in order due to the timely and effective pandemic prevention measures taken since its outbreak. The first two months of this year has witnessed great momentum in production and the Q1 production task is convinced to be finished on schedule. Graham, Assistant of Market Department of Hisense South Africa Co.Ltd., said, “United as we are, our confidence of cooperation in combating the pandemic has become firmer than ever.”