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China and African Countries Jointly Fight Against COVID-19
  African countries are the important partners for the Belt and Road Initiative. Recently, the novel coronavirus pandemic has been spreading in African continent. According to Africa CDC statistics, by March 18th, more than 500 COVID-19 confirmed cases have been reported in 31 African countries with a rising trend. Facing the pandemic, while strengthening the pandemic prevention, China has actively shared experience in fighting against the pandemic and provided available assistance to related African countries. China and African are making joint efforts to tide over the difficulties.
  Firstly, provide technical support and share experience in fighting against the pandemic. On March 18th, China held an online video conference on the COVID-19 prevention and control with 24 African countries, sharing experience in the pandemic prevention and control, clinical treatment and customs prevention measures. The attending African officials and healthcare specialists spoke highly of China’s achievements in fighting against the pandemic and its contributions to global public health security, and expressed their sincere wish to strengthen cooperation with China in winning the battle against COVID-19.
  Secondly, fulfill international responsibilities and provide medical supplies. According to the current information, the Chinese government has delivered medical supplies to the African Union, and announced to provide available goods assistance to Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia and etc., and to support related countries’ procurement of medical supplies made in China.
  Upholding openness, transparency and responsibility, China will strengthen the cooperation with African counties in preventing and controlling the pandemic, and jointly build a “Health Silk Road”.