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Anti-epidemic assistance, maintaining global and regional public safety
  There are only two camps for epidemic prevention and control: mankind and virus. With the positive situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control and the basic guarantee of materials, China has actively cooperated with countries in need of assistance to maintain global and regional public safety.
  China donated $20 million to the World Health Organization to support international cooperation in fighting this pandemic. China shared technical documents such as epidemic prevention and control, diagnosis and treatment programs with more than 100 countries and 10 organizations. An expert team with 31 tons of medical supplies was sent to Italy. China assisted the first batch of nucleic acid test kits in Serbia. Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation and Ma Yun Public Welfare Foundation assisted 300,000 masks in Belgium. China provided emergency medical aid to Spain, opened commercial channels for Spain to import much-needed personal protective equipment and medical equipment, and considered sending a medical expert group at an appropriate time. Assistance is also provided to Iraq, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, Iran and others.