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Many countries strengthen border control in response to COVID-19 pandemic
  By the afternoon of March 16, COVID-19 pandemic has occurred in 145 overseas countries and regions, with more than 88,000 confirmed cases. Many countries have strengthened border control measures in response to the outbreak. We should attach great importance, pay close attention, and make good policy reserve.
  Since March 15, Vietnam has suspended visas for all purposes except diplomatic and official purposes. Travelers who currently have a visa and have entered Vietnam are required to undergo a medical examination and may be quarantined. Except for special circumstances, all passengers who in the past 14 days have traveled to Mainland China, Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk of Korea will be refused entry into Vietnam. Korea began implementing stricter quarantine procedures for passengers from France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands on March 15. Lebanon announced that Hariri International Airport, the land border and seaport with Syria will be closed to all passengers on March 18. German Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Ministry of Health and the states reached an agreement to close the border between Germany and France, Austria and Switzerland from 8:00am on March 16. Poland has stated that it will ban all foreigners from entering the country from March 15 and strengthen border management. Ukraine will ban foreigners from entering on March 16. The Trump administration said on March 14 that the U.S. will extend travel bans on Britain and Ireland due to the spread of COVID-19.