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  The National Development and Reform Commission said today (March 8th) that the work resumption rate of China-Europe Railway Express (CR Express) has reached over 90%, with an against-the-trend growth of freight service since the beginning of this year. Corresponding policies and measures will be further promulgated to promote the safe, stable and efficient operation of CR Express.

  By the end of February, CR Express freight service had been running 1,132 trains, up 6% year on year, with a high rate of loaded containers and basically balanced departure and return trips. At Changsha International Railway Port, the intelligent production line equipment has been packed and ready to be sent to the China-Belarus Industrial Park in Minsk.

  During the COVID-19 outbreak, CR Express trains run normally not only in Changsha, but also in Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian and other key cities. With the east, middle and west corridors, 35 major route lines, CR Express freight service stay in normal operation at the four key ports of Khorgos, Alataw Pass, Manchuria and Erenhot. No congestion has bee seen due to the epidemic outbreak.

  The National Development and Reform Commission said that in the next step, with the joint work of relevant departments, CR Express transportation capacity will be appropriately increased to run all due freight. The link of roads and railways will be promoted to accelerate the timely resumption of trans-provincial transport. Cargo sources assembly will be supported in better-functioning hubs. The expansion of imports and exports through CR Express freight service will be supported by means of the pilot implementation of the efficient mergence of CR Express cargo manifests, the further simplified procedures for transport and customs clearance, and the innovative operation models of cargo inspection and transhipment.