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Executive Director of the World Economic Forum praised Yunnan Green Development: Experience can be promoted globally

Source: Department of International Cooperation / Updated: 2021-07-23

"After field visit in Kunming and Chuxiong, Yunnan, I am deeply impressed by Yunnan's achievements in developing green economy and environmental protection. Yunnan accumulated experience in these areas and it is worth learning in many countries around the world." David Aikman, executive director of the World Economic Forum and chief representative of the Greater China region, said recently.
The World Economic Forum is regarded as the "highest unofficial international economic forum" and attaches great importance to China's economic development. In the context of COVID-19 epidemic, the National Development and Reform Commission and the World Economic Forum established a series of activities for the "Walking Davos" survey and government-enterprise exchange meeting. From the 15th to the 18th edition, the two sides jointly arranged special surveys in Kunming and Chuxiong Prefecture for 18 representatives from 12 multinational companies, Yunnan Province. This is also the first stop of the "Walking Davos" brand activity in 2021.  
In the past few days, David Aikman accompanied the joint research team to visit Kunming City Planning Museum, Biodiversity Experience Park, Yunnan Baiyao Group, BOE Silicon-based OLED Micro Display Project, Chuxiong Yuze Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Moore Farm, etc. and held exchange activities with the local government and local leading enterprises.
“The World Economic Forum is continuing to promote NbS (Nature-based Solution). Yunnan has implemented the concept of NbS well. We see that Yunnan’s enterprises not only protect the environment, but also create economic benefits through symbiosis with the environment.” David Aikman said.
According to David Aikman, in 2020, the “Walking Davos” survey and government-enterprise exchange meeting series have been carried out in Zhejiang, Dalian, and Tianjin. He said that organizing multinational companies to that conduct field study in various parts of China will not only help them understand the real situation in the local area, but also understand how local regional policies should be coordinated with national policies. “Some multinational companies believe that China is a whole, exactly the same. In fact, each city in China has a different rich culture and its own shining points.”
Talking about the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) to be held in Kunming, David Aikman said that this conference is a full affirmation of Yunnan's achievements in protecting biodiversity. "The World Economic Forum and the COP15 Organizing Committee have very close cooperation. We will strive to bring more relevant companies to the conference and support the smooth convening of the conference."
"Affected by the epidemic, last year's Summer Davos Forum could not be held as scheduled. When the forum resumes, we hope very much that Yunnan will be able to participate in and bring more cooperation opportunities." David Aikman said.