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2022 Belt and Road Clean Energy Development Forum staged in Xining

Source: Department of Regional Opening-up / Updated: 2022-09-26

On August 12, the 2022 Belt and Road Clean Energy Development Forum was held in Xining, capital of Qinghai Province in western China. It was organized by the People's Government of Qinghai Province, with the theme of Developing Clean Energy to Promote Green and Low Carbon. The forum pointed out that the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025) is critical for China to catalyze green and low-carbon energy transition and achieve its goal of peaking carbon emissions before 2030. Given the global development trends, mankind will soon enter the era of a low-carbon economy and a new round of energy revolution with "low carbon, zero carbon" as the core is sweeping across the world. In terms of domestic development, China should pool both local and national strengths to advance the development and utilization of clean energy, to fulfill its commitment to peaking carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. Considering the status quo of Qinghai's development, it requires great input from the province, a critical channel of the Belt and Road, to achieve "dual carbon" goals. Facing challenges and opportunities, Qinghai should make greater practical contributions to the accomplishment of the country's carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals on schedule.