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The Seventh Silk Road International Art Festival concludes in Xi'an

Source: Department of Regional Opening-up / Updated: 2021-12-31

In the evening of December 6, the Seventh Silk Road International Art Festival drew to a close in Xi'an. Since the very beginning, the art festival has carried forward the purpose of working as "a grand event of Silk Road art, a bridge of people-to-people exchange, and a festival for the people", actively promoting the cultural exchange and mutual learning of civilization along the Belt and Road, and becoming a major brand of the BRI cultural cooperation and exchange.

During the six-day festival, nearly 40 cultural and art activities were held that involved 21 countries and regions and over 13 million spectators in both online and offline performances. The excellent artistic works at home and abroad build a bridge for cultural and artistic exchanges and mutual learning along the Silk Road, and show the charm of "harmony but not sameness, beauty with its uniqueness" of the Silk Road culture.