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NDRC approves the Fund Application Report of Guangdong co-Engineering Polytechnic's Guangdong Sponge City Pilot Project Financed by Israeli Government Loan

Source: Department of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment / Updated: 2021-03-04

Recently, NDRC approve of the Fund Application Report of Guangdong Eco-Engineering Polytechnic’s “Guangdong Sponge Cities Pilot Project”. The total project investment is 454.241million yuan, including $50 million loan from Israeli Government. It is mainly used for building the facilities, such as dormitory building, library, lab, sponge courts and supporting facilities, like green architecture rooftop and permeable pavement system. The loan funds are also used for purchasing sets of lab instruments and constructing the systems of teachers and courses. The project will improve the basic facilities conditions and enhance the qualities of personal cultivating in ecological environment, then promote the building of sponge cities.

(Department of Foreign Captial and Overseas Investment)