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Vice Chairman TANG Dengjie Attended The Third APEC Structural Reform Ministerial Meeting

Source: Department of Trade / Updated: 2021-06-17
Vice Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission, TANG Dengjie, attended the 3rd APEC Structural Reform Ministerial Meeting (SRMM) on June 16, 2021, as the Head of Delegation of China. The 3rd SRMM was chaired by New Zealand, which is host of APEC 2021. Ministers/Heads of Delegation of APEC Economies gave speeches and discussed on the key topic of “Structural Reform and Recovery from Economic Shocks”. 
Faced with abrupt outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, China held people-centered philosophy and put protecting lives the top priority. As a result, the pandemic was brought under control quickly and economy recovered strongly, in which structural reforms played a crucial role, said Vice Chairman TANG. 
China fully supports the Enhanced APEC Agenda of Structural Reform 2021-2021(EAASR) and would like to implement it together with APEC economies in the next 5 years, aiming to a more open, active, resilient and peaceful APEC community, said Vice Chairman TANG.
The Ministerial Statement of the 3rd SRMM was endorsed by ministers/heads of delegation.