China-Europe freight trains deliver 147,000 TEUs of goods in January, up 13% year-on-year

Source: Department of Regional Opening-up / Updated: 2023-02-17

In January of this year, the China-Europe freight trains made a total of 1,410 trips, transporting 147,000 TEUs of goods, up 6% and 13% respectively year on year, with the rate of full container load reaching 100%. The railway authorities strengthened the international intermodal transport organization, further improved the quality of the China-Europe freight trains, and effectively guaranteed the safety and smoothness of the international supply chain and the supply of the Spring Festival market.

In order to better meet the demand of international intermodal transport and adapt to the change of the freight source structure, make full use of the grouping and port handover capacity of the China-Europe freight trains, and improve the utilization rate of the planned lines, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (CHINA RAILWAY) implemented the measures of expanding the loaded capacity of the China-Europe freight train transportation. In January, China-Europe freight trains achieved remarkable results in terms of loaded capacity expansion, with 757 trains departing and a full capacity rate of 83%, and the volume of container cargo shipments further increased.

At the same time, the railway authorities strengthened the transportation organization of the return trains, and required the port branches of China Railway to strengthen the communication with the overseas railway counterparts, to avoid breaking up and adapting the train formation at the overseas port station when the trains were reloaded, and to use the original formation as much as possible to run the return trains with the planned lines, so as to recycle the train bottom.