China, Laos and Thailand round-trip railway train makes its debut

Source: Department of Regional Opening-up / Updated: 2023-02-17

In the afternoon of February 7, a China-Laos railway international freight train carrying 19 cold chain containers and about 280 tons of fresh vegetables departed from Kunming Central Station of Crintermodal in Yunnan Province, marking the successful first round trip of the China-Laos-Thailand railway transportation.

The first China-Laos-Thailand full-journey railway train was expected to arrive in Bangkok, Thailand, 55 hours later. This trip was made from Kunming to Vientiane South Station in Laos by the China-Laos railway Lancang-Mekong Express international freight train, and then ended in Bangkok by Thailand's meter-gauge railway. Compared with the previous transportation mode of the railway plus road, the time is shortened by about one day, and the transportation cost is reduced by over 20%. On the way back, the train will be made full use of by shipping Thai longan, durian and other seasonal fruits.