First China-Europe freight train in Inner Mongolia launched in Railway Rapid Customs Clearance model

Source: Department of Regional Opening-up / Updated: 2023-01-04

On November 21, under the supervision of Chifeng Customs, which is affiliated with Manzhouli Customs, the first China-Europe freight train in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to adopt the"Railway Rapid Customs Clearance" model was successfully launched from Chifeng Station. It will leave China through Manzhouli Port for Moscow, Russia. The train is fully loaded with 50 containers of natural gas engines, washing machines, dryers and other goods worth 21.8 million yuan. Afterward, the goods that the China-Europe freight train (Chifeng) carries will go through customs clearance procedures such as customs declaration, inspection and release at the local customs instead of the port customs, and can be released after the port customs check the logistics information such as arrival and tally.

The Railway Rapid Customs Clearance model is a new customs clearance model launched by the General Administration of Customs to further unblock the international logistics corridor and promote the high-quality development of China-Europe freight train service. Since the beginning of this year, Chifeng Customs has conscientiously implemented 10 measures of the General Administration of Customs to promote the stability and quality of foreign trade and 20 detailed measures of Manzhouli Customs, vigorously promoted the "Rapid Railway Customs Clearance" model, and made every effort to ensure the opening and regular operation of the China-Europe freight train (Chifeng), which will greatly improve the operation efficiency of China-Europe freight train service.