Chinese Juncao helps alleviate poverty in Central African Republic

Source: Department of Regional Opening-up / Updated: 2022-08-25

Juncao (lit.: "mushroom" and "grass") can be used to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms, as livestock feed, or as a green barrier to control soil erosion and stop desertification. The relevant projects undertaken by Chinese enterprises not only enrich the food but also promote agricultural technologies and boost local employment and poverty alleviation in the Central African Republic. In May 2021, experts came to the Central African Republic to develop China's Juncao technology assistance project. They established production lines for edible mushrooms with Juncao grass and Juncao grass seedling breeding bases, promoted technologies, trained personnel, and held demonstration and promotion activities. To date, the project has hosted 16 sessions of Juncao technology training, with 613 trainers; built five cooperation organizations for the promotion of growing edible and medicinal mushrooms with Juncao grass and four cooperation organizations for livestock feed with Juncao grass; developed three demonstration bases for edible fungus cultivation bag production and 314 Juncao technology demonstration households.