International Forum for Trilateral Cooperation 2022 focuses on future-oriented cooperation among China, Japan and S.Korea

Source: Department of Regional Opening-up / Updated: 2022-07-25

On June 14, the International Forum for Trilateral Cooperation 2022 among China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) was held in Seoul, South Korea under the theme of "Future-Oriented Trilateral Cooperation: Lasting Peace, Common Prosperity, Shared Culture." In both physical and virtual forms, the forum had three sessions: “Engage to Embrace: Institutionalization of Cooperation as a Key to Human Security and Peace”, “A New Chapter: Driving Inclusive Growth for Regional Common Prosperity” and “From the Past to the Future: Embracing Shared Culture towards the Sense of Community”. The forum serves as a platform for all people to plan for the trilateral cooperation and discuss the role of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat. The forum was attended by veteran politicians, senior diplomats, famous scholars and representatives of major economic and cultural organizations from the three countries.