China all for 'open' regional pacts to spur prosperity

Source: China Daily / Updated: 2022-05-31

China will stick to open regionalism and work with its trading partners in the Asia-Pacific region to forge a shared future, said a spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce on Tuesday.

The official made the remarks after US President Joe Biden launched the "Indo-Pacific Economic Framework "in Japan on Monday, which a number of countries including Japan, India and Australia have joined.

China believes the Asia-Pacific economy has benefited from opening-up and win-win cooperation. Relevant initiatives should contribute to regional prosperity and growth, and remain open and inclusive, rather than discriminatory and exclusive, said the spokesperson in an online statement.

Economic cooperation and solidarity should be reinforced rather than undermining and dividing existing institutions. China has always been open to regional economic cooperation initiatives that meet these criteria, said the official.

The spokesperson reiterated that China is willing to further deepen pragmatic cooperation with all parties to support regional economic integration, and facilitate regional economic recovery, as well as maintain peace, stability and development in the region.