Over 1,000 China-Europe freight trains depart from Hunan this year

Source: Department of Regional Opening-up / Updated: 2021-12-29

As of December 7, the Changsha Customs has supervised 1,010 China-Europe freight trains departing from Hunan Province, including 969 trains setting off from Changsha. The main destinations of these trains are Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Kazakhstan.
Statistics showed that since the beginning of this year, the export goods shipped by China-Europe freight trains are mainly daily necessities, furniture, automobiles and auto parts. The import goods are milk powders, woods, candies and others products.
In recent years, with rapid increase of freight trains, China-Europe freight trains (Hunan) have gradually achieved high-quality and sustainable development, becoming a vital channel connecting Hunan and Eurasia, a crucial part in the dual circulation of domestic and international markets, and an essential player in the trade between Hunan and countries along the Belt and Road.