China-Europe freight train (Suzhou) upgrades from monthly service to daily service

Source: Department of Regional Openess / Updated: 2021-10-29
In November 2012, Suzhou City launched the first "Suzhou-Manzhouli-Europe" freight train, which departed from Suzhou, exited China in Manzhouli, and arrived in Warsaw via Russia and Belarus. The whole journey is 11,200 km and takes around 15 days. Through nearly a decade of development, the China-Europe freight train (Suzhou) service has become a "star" of the Belt and Road Initiative, with the destinations covering cities in the Belt and Road countries, including Warsaw of Poland, Duisburg (Hamburg) of Germany, Moscow of Russia, Minsk of Belarus, Tashkent of Uzbekistan, Helsinki of Finland and Hanoi of Vietnam. The service has helped form an international rail freight system combining China-Europe, China-Asia and China-Russia train services. In 2020 alone, the China-Europe freight trains (Suzhou) made a total of 362 trips, carrying 29,720 TEUs of 230,000 tons of cargo worth 1.353 billion U.S. dollars.