Chongqing Cross-Border Highway Regular Lorry Opening a New Route to Vietnam

Source: Department of Regional Openess / Updated: 2021-09-29
On September 10, the Chongqing cross-border highway regular lorry started from Chongqing Nanpeng Highway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) and finally arrived at Hung Yen by way of Guangxi Longbang Port. The total length of the transportation route is approximately 1,400 kilometers and takes about 48 hours to travel.

Since its first launch in 2016, the Chongqing cross-border highway regular lorry has opened ten transportation lines and realized regular operation. By now, it has completed over 7,400 trips. This year, more than 2,400 highway regular lorries were operated, a year-on-year increase of 48 percent.

Next, the Chongqing cross-border highway regular lorry, relying on Longbang Port, Guangxi, will further expand cross-regional cooperation with ASEAN countries. It will continuously enrich its transportation routes and enhance its transportation capacity, facilitate economic and trade exchanges, and lead the construction of leading areas for Chongqing’s opening up.