Africa starts exporting fresh avocados to China

Source: Department of Regional Openness / Updated: 2022-08-23

On August 2, the launch ceremony of fresh avocado export to China was held at the Sunripe factory in Limuru Town, Kenya. Four containers of avocados were packed and shipped on the same day, and will be sold in such cities as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. This is the first time that African fresh avocados have been exported to China.

Kenya is the sixth largest avocado exporter in the world and the largest on the African continent. Over the past three years, Kenya's avocado exports have increased steadily, but only accounted for 10% of its total yield. The government of Kenya said that China's market is expected to become the country's largest overseas one for avocados.

David Osiany, Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development, said at the launch ceremony that by exporting fresh avocados to China, Kenya's foreign exchange earnings were set to spike and unleash economic vitality in the country. "The export of fresh avocados to China is a monumental feat that will boost our economy and benefit key players across the avocado value chain including farmers," said Osiany.