The China Railway Express gives birth to new business model of logistics and business convergence

Source: Department of Regional Openning-up / Updated: 2022-03-29

Fujian’s first bonded store of imported goods by the China Railway Express was officially opened at Fuzhou Railway Station on March 8, 2022. Relying on the international logistics network, the China Railway Express has extended services from the front-end transportation to the terminal consumer market, giving birth to a new business model of logistics and business convergence. At Fuzhou Railway Station, the bonded store sells the imported goods mainly originating in France, Germany, Italy and other countries, with 1,200 products of more than 200 categories covering beauty and health care products, mother and child supplies, candy and liquor, etc. The bonded store attracted a large number of passengers in the waiting hall as soon as it opened.

Foreign high-quality goods enter the Chinese market through the China Railway Express, and then are directly sold in the bonded store, thus realizing "authenticity and fair price", which is attractive to consumers.