Gansu building highland of opening-up with the support of three land ports

Source: Department of Regional Openess / Updated: 2021-09-29
To integrate deeply into the construction of the Belt and Road, Gansu has given full play to its advantageous location as a place that connects the east with the west and the south with the north, and made every effort to develop the three major international land ports of Lanzhou, Wuwei and Tianshui to build the leading edge of the westward opening-up of China. Through the joint efforts of all parties, Gansu has developed economic and trade partnerships rapidly with many countries in Europe and Asia, and constantly improved and diversified its trade channels as well as forms. Tropical fruits and seafood from Southeast Asia, mineral products from Central Asia, and timber products from Europe are transported to Gansu and distributed nationwide continuously. In turn, special agricultural products and bulk industrial supplies produced in Gansu are exported to Central Asia, South Asia, and ASEAN countries.