CHINA RAILWAY Express (Shenyang) achieves high-quality development

Source: Department of Regional Openness / Updated: 2021-10-29

CHINA RAILWAY Express (Shenyang) service was successfully launched in September 2017. In 2020 the cumulative number of trips made by such trains had reached 352, ranking first in Northeast China and seventh in the country. The loading rate of the freight trains has reached 100 percent, ranking top in the country. From January to September 2021 the number of such trips has reached 325. At present, CHINA RAILWAY Express (Shenyang) service has seen 6 to 7 trips every week, reaching Russia and Germany in an average of 12 days and 16 days respectively. It has served 447 enterprises in Liaoning Province and reduced their international logistics costs by about 20 percent on average.

The launch of CHINA RAILWAY Express (Shenyang) service has sped up the connection of people, logistics, capital and information, created a new international logistics channel for Liaoning Province to participate in the building of the Belt and Road initiative, and established a new platform of opening-up and cooperation, which provides important support for old industrial bases like Shenyang city and other cities in Liaoning Province in integrating into the development pattern of "dual circulation" to realize comprehensive revitalization from all aspects.