National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) People's Republic of China

Main Functions of the Department of International Cooperation of the NDRC

The Department of International Cooperation has the following main functions:
1.   To organize and guide the bilateral and multilateral cooperation and exchanges among the NDRC and international organizations, foreign government agencies and foreign institutions, and carry out international cooperation mechanisms;
2.   To assist other departments in promoting major international cooperative projects;
3.   To liaise with Chinese Embassies economic sections affiliated to the NDRC, guide their work, organize analytical studies on world economy, carry out work related to economic diplomacy, assist the Personnel Department of NDRC in selecting officials and dispatching them to economic sections;
4.   To administer and coordinate international cooperation and foreign affairs of the Commission and institutions affiliated to the NDRC;
5.   To work out management procedures, rules and regulations on foreign affairs in the NDRC and supervise their implementation;
6.   To handle day-to-day foreign affairs of the Commission and documents between the NDRC and foreign parties and unify statement for the foreign parties;
7.   To formulate annual plan of ministerial officials' international visits, review and approve international visit plans at DG level or below.
8.   To organize international training programs, examine and approve annual international training programs;
9.   To examine and approve international visits applications of the NDRC staff and institutions affiliated to the NDRC, and standardize management of the visits;
10.  To manage financial affairs of international cooperation of the NDRC and allocate foreign currency quota to institutions affiliated to the NDRC;
11.  To undertake foreign affairs tasks assigned by the State Council or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and coordinate international cooperation between the NDRC and other central government agencies;
12.  To guide the foreign affairs service provided by the Protocol Division of Service Center of the NDRC;
13.  To undertake other tasks assigned by the leadership of the NDRC.

Structure of the Department of International Cooperation